Single contact number for Jubilee Park Medical Partnership

We have now moved to a single telephone number for the practice .

The contact number for Jubilee Park Medical Partnership will be 0115 9404333 for both sites.

This enables us to manage call flows and queues better across both sites and patients will only have one number to remember. 

When patients ring the practice number 0115 9404333 they are presented with a menu, by selecting option 2 you will be connected to the practice and there will be further menu options depending on the nature of your call.

Please ensure that you listen to all of the pre-recorded message before you select your required option.

The pre-recorded message has important messages that you should listen to before proceeding with the phone call - these messages change regularly and may have the answer to any queries you may have before your call is answered.

This will help speed up call waiting times as you may no-longer need to speak to a receptionist, freeing up the line for other callers who may still need to speak to one of us.

Should patients call either 0115 9404555 or the Lowdham number 0115 9663633 they will be diverted to the main practice number and join the call queue.

Important update 9th January 2023

We would like to reassure our patients that we are working hard to improve our services as much as possible after the latest Care Quality Commission (CQC) report, published on 4 January 2023, which gave Jubilee Park Medical Partnership an inadequate rating overall. The full report can be found here

We have taken the findings of the CQC report very seriously and have been working to address each of the recommendations to make improvements and provide patients with good quality care.

The initial CQC inspection was carried out on 6 October 2022 and the CQC returned on 7 December 2022. At this visit, they acknowledged that a number of improvements have already been made and were satisfied that the practice is continuing to work on other aspects raised that require a more sustained improvement.

A further report will be published soon following the visit on 7 December, however, this will not change the practice’s current CQC rating. We expect a further full inspection to review progress in all areas to take place within six months of the original inspection.

We are proud of our staff for the care that they provide to our patients, and we are pleased that this was noted in the CQC report which highlighted how patients are treated with kindness and respect by the practice team.

Thank you to our colleagues who continue to work really hard under extremely busy circumstances, we are grateful for your continued support to prioritise the needs of our patients.









Open letter to patients 1st Dec 2022


There have been alerts that scammers may be trying to contact people pretending to be from Jubilee Park Medical Partnership, and we would like you to be aware of this issue to keep you and your personal information safe.

These scammers will ring from a private/withheld number and may tell you that the surgery has a message for you and will ask you to provide your personal details without identifying themselves.

Whilst the surgery may ring time to time from a private/withheld number, we will always identify who we are, where we are from, and why we are contacting you – and we will always make sure that we verify your details before continuing with the phone call.

If you are not 100% certain that you are speaking with a member of staff from the surgery, DO NOT disclose any private information, hang up immediately and contact the surgery.

Stay Vigilant! 

Med3/Sick notes

There has been a change to the Med 3/ Sicknote templates on our system which means it automatically sends your Sicknote by SMS text message or email link.

This is a more efficient way of getting your Sicknote to you and much quicker. 

If you do not have access to text messages or email, you may request a paper copy from the surgery. You will need to state this when requesting your sicknote. 

Welcome to Jubilee Park Medical Partnership

You asked. We did. New Appointment System December 2022!

Dear patients,

As you are aware, back in August we trialled a new appointment system in the hope to ease the pressure both on our staff and to be more accessible to our patients. At the time we said we would trial it for 3 months and revaluate it. The GP’s met yesterday and decided that our current system isn’t working for us or our patients and therefore we have agreed on some changes which will begin to take effect from as early as next week. We understand the crossover period can be quite tricky and having to learn the new system can also be a challenge. However this change is essential to allow easier access for our patients which in turn we hope will reduce appointment waiting times, reduce phone waiting times and ensure we see as many patients as physically possible despite being massively understaffed across the whole practice. Please allow it time and be patient with it and please remember to be kind to our team who are working really hard to see you and help you.

So here is what you need to know;

  • Morning appointments for GP's will run from 9am-12pm. They will have 10 minute appointments that are released ON THE DAY for urgent and non urgent appointments. These will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
  • The afternoon will remain largely the same as it is currently with routine bookable appointments available on the 14 day, 7 day, 5 day and 3 day embargoed slots as before. Afternoon surgery is between 3.30 pm - 6 pm. This allows the clinicians time to complete their administration work such as review tasks, pathology results, complete referrals, carry out home visits, issue prescriptions etc
  • IMPORTANT TO NOTE that appointments are not triaged on the phone first. They are either booked in as telephone appointment or a face to face and this needs to be made very clear to our on every appointment. 
  • Once all morning appointments have been booked the message to patients will be to call back the next day, book a routine prebookable appointment if available, go to the Urgent Care Centre or if medically urgent, the Care Coordinators can send a urgent task doctors who will then assess and decide if the patient needs to be seen.
  • It is really important, more than ever now, that Care Coordinators are taking a brief description of every single appointment. This will allow them to navigate your care to the most appropriate clinician and you will NOT be given an appointment without giving this information. This is going to be key in ensuring that all appointments are directed to the best clinician and all our staff are trained in patient confidentiality. They only need to know enough to help them decide which clinician is the most appropriate for you at that time. They aren’t just being nosy. Remember if you have a medication query, side effects, changes etc, please ask for an appointment with our Clinical Pharmacist. If you have a sport injury, back or knee pain for example this needs to be booked in with our First Contact Physio. We need to utilize the staff we have. This is really important to remember when the team ask you to describe your problem.
  • For things such as ear infections and minor illness these will be booked with a Nurse prescriber/Nurse Consultant and will probably be face to face so they can do observations. 
  • To recap, patients who ring in the morning asking for an appointment that is appropriate for a GP or Nurse prescriber then you can ask for a face to face or telephone appointment depending on your problem. If you feel it can be dealt with on the phone then please ask for this. If you think you will likely need to be seen then please ask for face to face.
  • It is important to remember, the staff will be unable to pre book any of the morning appointments, these are book on the day only and you will be asked to call back on a day that suits you.
  • We understand our phone lines get extremely busy but we are hoping to reduce your waiting times by making these changes but please be mindful our staff our human too and are trying really hard to help you with a very limited number of available appointments. Shouting and verbal abuse is not tolerated here, in person or on the phone so we ask that you please be kind to all our team.
  • Please note, unfortunately we do not have an endless number of appointments available each day. These are limited and you may be asked to call back on another day.
  • We will be regularly reviewing our changes and any feedback is welcome via our website at www.thejubileepractice.co.uk


Many thanks for your continued support with our improvements to your service.

Jubilee Park Medical Partnership

Important information to keep you safe while isolating at home.


Click the Links below for the Leaflet and england.nhs.uk website.


COVID Isolating at Home Safety Netting Leaflet.pdf

Due to guidance received from NHS England, changes are being made to our online booking of appointments.   It will not be possible to book an online appointment until this work has been completed due to risks presented by COVID-19 (Coronavirus).


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Telephone Call Recording:

Jubilee Park Medical Partnership record both incoming and outgoing telephone calls at both sites for training and monitoring purposes.


The practice is supporting patients to use the NHS App.  This is a free resource available to download to your smartphone, tablet or device.  It is quick and simple to set up and easy to use. 

Frequently asked questions and support and guidance for use are available at https://www.nottsnhsapp.nhs.uk/faqs/ . 

There is also guidance on how to view your vaccinations and immunisations within the app at and https://www.nottsnhsapp.nhs.uk/media/begd1lap/how-to-view-immunisations-and-vaccinations-via-nhs-app.pdf .

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